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Mr. Beau Robert Samples
107 percent of goal achieved.
Goal: $6,000.00
Achieved: $6,400.00

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Thank you for checking out my personal fundraising page! My name is Beau Samples and I am a sophomore at Miami University, Oxford, OH studying Political Science. I have talked to a few past cyclists who completed the Journey of Hope, and I could not be more excited for JOH 2013. This 4,000 mile bike ride will certainly be a challenge, but impacting numerous lives of those living with disabilities will be incredibly rewarding.

Did you know that there are over 54 million Americans living with a disability today? People with disabilities face many challenges everyday that you and I cannot imagine. But one of the most tragic barriers is a lack of understanding by our society. A simple message of empathy and acceptance is all it takes to break down this barrier, and I have committed myself to spreading this message this summer.

I had my first real taste of Push America in March, 2012 when I worked at Push Camp, Camp ASCCA in Jackson's Gap, Alabama. Working the entire week on projects at the camp for people with disabilities was highly rewarding, as was our friendship visit on one of our last days there. I am looking forward to the many friendship visits next summer, as well as friendship visits with the Butler County Board of DD while I am at Miami.

I will be raising awareness on behalf of people with disabilities by cycling from San Francisco to Washington, DC on the Journey of Hope. My individual goal is to raise $7,000 as a part of my team’s goal of raising over $650,000. We will also be reaching out to thousands of people with disabilities along the way, and striving to spread our message of acceptance and understanding to more than 40 million people!

It is my hope that you will help me with my journey by making a tax deductible donation to Push America.

Thank you very much for your support. Together we can make a difference!

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